APG Gift Certificates (digital)

APG Gift Certificates (Digital) are available in the following amounts:

$25, $45, $50, $75, $100, $295, $340

$45 – the cost of a bag of clay
$295 – the cost of a course
$340 – the cost of a course with a bag of clay included

Please note the following:

  • Gift Certificates are non-refundable
  • Gift Certificates have no time limitations
  • Gift Certificates can be applied to any purchase on our online shop
  • If money is left over on the gift certificate, the balance can be used on another purchase

You can make a Gift Certificate purchase by using the Gift Certificate displayed on this page.

How to purchase a gift certificate:

  1. Click on the image of the Gift Certificate to begin your purchase.
  2. Enter the recipient’s Name
  3. Enter your Email Address – this will deliver the Gift Certificate to your inbox
  4. Enter your Name
  5. Enter a message to the recipient, that will be included with the gift certificate
  6. Choose the amount for the gift certificate
  7. Add to your Cart and Pay
  8. The Gift Certificate will be delivered automatically to your Email1,2.


  1. You will receive two emails that contain the Gift Certificate, one is for your records and the second one is for you to send to your recipient.
  2. If you pay by etransfer/direct deposit, the Gift Certificate will not be sent to your email until we have received notice that your deposit has been made.

How to use your Gift Certificate to make a purchase:

  1. Find the product you wish to purchase
  2. Follow the purchase process
  3. You will see a Redeem Gift Card button
  4. Enter the Gift Card number and click Redeem Gift Card
  5. You can apply the total value of the Gift Certificate to your purchase or a partial value – the balance on the certificate will be updated automatically.

APG Gift Certificates (Digital) Starting at $25.00